Unnai Arindhaal New Tamil Jaya TV Show Review | Varalaxmi SharathKumar

Unnai Arindhaal is new Tamil debate show which is going to be aired on Jaya TV. Varalaxmi is the host of the TV Show. Debate shows are always viral shows because the opinions and talks are always powerful and reaches all within minutes. As Neeya Naana is one of the famous debate shows which can never be no match to any other debate shows as of now in Tamil. Debate shows focus on the society problems and will try to bring a change in every person. The host is an important person in the debate show. You need an strong voice and thoughts which should give an right direction in the talk show or else it can go in a wrong way to audience. Unnai Arindhaal TV show is going to on-air very soon.

Gopinath is one such host who can control the audience and lead the show in a right way. As this is an Live Show you cannot do mistakes in such shows. Unnai Arindhaal is the new debate show in Jaya TV from October 14th every week Sunday 12.00 PM. Varalaxmi SharathKumar is the host of this show. Its going to be an debut TV show for Varalaxmi which is going to be an very much challenging. As this show needs so much knowledge on social happenings and intelligent speech and should be able to control the audience. Every one can’t become Gopinath but lets see how Varalaxmi take the challenge and run the show.

After seeing the promo Varalaxmi SharathKumar dialog seems to be very much scripted and is presenting the same. But this will not work out in the live show where 50 audience are around and it take courage and spontaneous speech and reactions. Definitely its an challenging show for Varalaxmi SharathKumar also because its her debut TV show. Movies can be re-shoot and can take days. But this time TV shows are short and shoot in a day or show for these type of debate shows. Thumbs up for the Varalaxmi SharathKumar for great success for the Unnai Arindhaal TV show. Unnai Arindhaal is going to be on-air from October 14th every Sunday don’t miss at 12.00 PM.

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