Udan Panan Season 2 Malayalam Game Show | Mazhavil Manorama

The famous outdoor live game show Udan Panan is back. The R J Mathukutty and Raj kalesh are the anchors of the show. It is going to be telecast-ed on Mazhavil Manorama very soon. The highlights of this show is the public gathering in 1000’s and the show will have nothing but the ATM where the questions will be displayed along with the winning prize money shown in ATM Screen. Udan Panan Season 1 was a big hit and had more than 100+ episodes. So Mazhavil Manorama channel has come up with the Season 2 with new features and entertainment and more cash prizes.
The promo of Udan Panan Season 2 is good. It shows like a pick-pocket stealing a guys purse and see that its been recorded in CC TV camera, so he tries to put it back and gets caught. The victim catches him while he put the purse back and advice him to participate in Udan Panan. But when we look at the show we can definitely see that there can be pick-pockets for real because of the crowd. But still the public gathering for this show, shows the success of the Udan Panan Game show. Now its time for new quiz and new features added to the show will make the Udan Panan Season 2.
The promo and first looks are impressive and expecting the same gosh for the Udan Panan Season 2 also. Mazhavil Manorama has never made us down and it keeps its mark high. This type of game shows are example for other TV channels.R J Mathukutty and Raj kalesh are being the hosts of the show. Hope they keep audience entertained. Thumbs up for the Udan Panan Season 2 crew and hosts. Hoping Udan Panan Season 2 will be a hit.
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