Tenali Raman Serial Review | Zee Tamil

After actress Jyotika became the Brand Ambassador of Zee Tamil in 2018. Zee Tamil has new shows and serials waiting for the launch in 2018 new year. The first one being the Tenali Raman. Every 90’s Kids would be knowing Malgudi Days and Tenali Raman for sure which played in Doordarshan. Tenali Raman (தெனாலி  ராமன்) is back on Zee Tamil. Tenali Raman is known for his poetry and intelligence mixed with humor. Even Tenali has a statue in AP, Guntur district.

Tenali Raman serial is going to aired from January 16th every Monday to Friday timing around 6.00 PM. Krishna Bharadwaj who is acting as Tenali Raman says this series will have rib-tickling comedies. Tenali Raman will sure surprise audience and it has full hilarious comedies of Telani. The writer of the Telnai Raman says each episode of this serial will give a complete one hour of entertainment guaranteed. Neeraj Vyas is the writer of the serial. The main character artists played in this serials are Pankaj Berry as Tathacharta and Manav Gohli as the King Krishnadevaraya. The director of the serial says all the mythology serials are having boring old stories which will not attract youngsters. But this Tenali Raman will be loved by all age groups.

Zee Tamil has many plans including musical chat show and producing two films in 2018. Actress Jyotika plays the lead roles in the films. After becoming Brand Ambassador of Zee Tamil opportunities are pouring in for the beautiful actress Jyotika. These films mainly focus on new generation parenting and multi roles played by dads in houses. Also Malayalam actor Aari will be the casted into one of the films. The Zee Tamils new slogan being மனதால்  இணைவோம் , மாற்றத்தை  வரவேற்போம். You cannot miss out the new musical chat show Sundays with Anil and Karky is aired every Sunday at 12 PM.

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