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Its the third time fourth time who knows, yet another serial in the same name Mouna Ragam to to launched in the popular Telegu TV Channel Star Maa. Mouna Ragam new Telegu Serial is launched on the September 17th. This serial depicts the abandoned girl child. The Mouna Ragam New Telegu Serial is pictured on remote village back drops with beautiful locations. Which has big houses, agriculture lands, ponds and rivers. Which makes you remember how beautiful was our parents generation. This generation has lost all these. As the youngsters move to the cities for IT jobs and other works. Leaving the agriculture behind the forgetting agriculture is the back of our country.

Mouna Ragam New Telegu Serial has run just only few episodes now. Just watched the first episode of the mega-serial. This serial has very much importance to children. The girl children get maturity faster than boys. Which is clearly seen in this serial. The girl’s in this serial are showing an fantastic acting, even the film industry actors have to learn from them. Face expressions and acting is at one level higher. Salute to the child artists who have acted in this serial. And one of the child is playing as dumb. Shows the great performance and the protagonist of this serial. And the other elder girls acting is much appreciated. The boy alone is struggling but a big deal as he has less importance. But much appreciated at his age.

Mouna Ragam New Telegu Serial is playing in Star Maa channel every weekdays. But constantly showing the girl child less importance and showing boys love and affection in this society will set an bad example. So this serial tries to depicts the same. As serials have to keep its audience interesting and emotional. Serial directors are doing these. As a entertainment its fine. But in real time this should be changed and thus Mouna Ragam New Telegu Serial will do it i think. This serial should give an equality to the girl and boy in this society. Thumbs up for the Mouna Ragam New Telugu Serial team.

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