Manam Telugu Game Show Review | ETV

Manam is reality game show which is being aired on ETV. The famous Sai Kumar is returning to television industry after seven years as a host for this show. The celebration of life is the concept of the game show. People who are alone and disappointed in life. This game show gives the motivation for the life. The Manam show started in February 27 and it’s been 6 episodes past it got a good response from the audience enjoying the fun activities played by the participants. The participants are chosen from both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This show is telecasted every Tuesday.

The Sai Kumar being the host and Anil Kadival the director the show is happy to take part the peoples life as a motivation. This Manam show is being produced by Gnyapika Entertainments and telecast-ed in ETV. The Manam show timing is 9.30 PM every Tuesday only on ETV.

The show is planned from 2-3 Months period. Within the speculated time the show will have engaged more families together and played thrilling fun games and activities. Enjoy Manam show only on ETV every Tuesday 9.30 PM. Follow GarageMeter for more updates on Telugu Serials and TV Shows. GarageMeter always brings you the best.

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