Khsnaprabha Chanajalam Malayalam Serial Review | Mini-Serial

Recent times serials directors are very well aware of pulse of the audience. And they are adopting the English shows and methodology of bring the serial into seasons and mini-serial. So the audience are kept engaged into the each episodes and will come back again for the next season. Thus the Malayalam industry as always have been an setting example for television industry and fast growing. Is bringing you the new form of short serials which will have only 75-80 Episodes. The new serial to be launched is Khsnaprabha Chanajalam. Khsnaprabha Chanajalam is a mini-serial.

Khsnaprabha Chanajalam is directed by Siva Mohan Thampi. This mini-serial is picturization of a best selling novel called Khsnaprabha Chanajalam, written by K Surendran. This mini-serial Khsnaprabha Chanajalam is a family story but with much more twist and turns. The promo is very much inpressive which covers the all types of audience. The serial protagonist is played by Devi Ajit and other roles are played by Yedu Krishna, Kishor Sayta and Vijya Menon.

This Khsnaprabha Chanajalam mini-serial tells about how this generation is suffering by separation of family members due to various reasons like job location changes, children’s education, working women. And how this affects the family life and work life balance. Khsnaprabha Chanajalam shows the misunderstanding of the family members within them self and break in love. Khsnaprabha Chanajalam serial in Amrita TV is going to launch soon. Looking forward for more such mini-serials in industry. Khsnaprabha Chanajalam will be a setting example for new serial directors who can show case their talents in the industry in a short span of 2 months or so. And this can lead them big screen opportunities also. Khsnaprabha Chanajalam will be a super hit serial. Thumbs up for the Khsnaprabha Chanajalam team and wishes to the director Siva Mohan Thampi.

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