Gouri Malayalam Serial Review | Surya TV







The famous kaviyoor ponnamma, mostly known for the mother character for Mohanlal Malayalam actor is one of the cast in Gouri serial. This is about release in Surya TV. 2018’s first new serial in Surya TV is on the topic of Women empowerment. First one being What a start for the channel. This serial is mostly shoot on Wagamon. The new female lead role plays a bold character in the serial play a role of an auto driver. This makes us remember the first women driver Vasanthakumari of tamilnadu who still drives at age 57. Hoping that kaviyoor ponnamma is playing the mother role for the Gori serial actress.

Gouri’s character portraits the strong women. Who is capable of reading peoples mind and find out how lie. Lie can be sweet to hear in the beginning but later the truth reveals the bitter part and you will meet the consequences. So never lie to Gouri. The other major supporting actors on the serial are well known Neena Kurup and Sethu Lakshmi.

The slogan of the serial can be told ad Life will pull us down, but it’s our choice whether to stand back up or not. Fight until you reach a point in your life where even when you fall there is no need for support and you can stand back on your own legs. This you will see in Gouri serial. It’s a new beginning the year 2018 the Surya TV has come up with this idea. Thumbs up for the team Gouri Malayalam serial team and wish a good luck. Follow us on GarageMeter for latest updates on all serial.

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