GEC Kannada Channel Serials Review | AganiNakshatra, Tarangini, Jagadekaveeraa, Gombe Mane

GEC Kannada Channel 4 new serials & timings as follows. Channel head Sanjay Sindhe says, “All these serials are content driven and made for the people of all age groups. GEC channel is just 18 months old. But gives various different genre serials which is not seen in much of other channels. To check the GEC channel serial review click below,

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At 7.30 PM Agani Nakshatra Kannada serial is the journey of a girl who faces problems from her husband’s elder brother and how she solves the problems diplomatically without breaking family relationships. This serial is more like the Vaali tamil movie where Actor Ajith played dual role and Simran as younger brother’s wife.

At 8.00 PM Tarangini, A serial which depicts the importance of friendship of real life. Mostly as we age we lose many friends only the close ones stay. But in this serial a group of girls who were grown up together shows the importance of friendship to the world. Crux of the serial is three young girls who are best friends and who fight every situation together. These girls are brought up together, so they believe unity is their strength. Whatever problems they face in their life, they fight together.

At 8.30 PM Jagadekaveeraa, is a social fantasy serial revolving around a love story. This serial is mainly to attract the youth audience. And the serial is placed at right timing where all office workers finish their work and will be back to home. Also as the serial is shoot in office backdrops it will attract young audience.

At 9.00 PM Gombe Mane, is about the love, bonding and affection of two sisters. No matter what the circumstance, they are ready to sacrifice anything for each other’s well-being. As 9.00 PM is the TV channel’s TRP high rated. So this serial is a mix of emotions and fast paced serial which attracts all audience of all age groups. This serial is a tale of 2 beautiful sisters who fights against all odds what so ever.

GEC Kannada channel launches 4 new serials from 7.30 to 9.30 PM. AganiNakshatra Kannada serial, Tarangini Kannada serial, Jagadekaveeraa Kannada serial, Gombe Mane Kannada serial. All are very good content based serial. GEC channel head Sanjay. Even if GEC channel is only 18 months old. It gives very good Kannada serial for all age groups. AganiNakshatra Kannada serial is serial for how to handle situations in life even if the problem is from your family. Tarangini Kannada serial is story of three girls who were group up together. Jagadekaveeraa Kannada serial is a fantasy love story attracts young audience. Gombe Mane Kannada serial is a tale of 2 sisters love, affection, bonding and revenge.

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