Comedy Masala Malayalam Comedy Show Highlights | Review

Comedy Masala, Comedy Stars, Comedy Kings, Comedy Super Star name whatever it is people always watch comedy shows and appreciate and make them a real comedy star in real and film industry. This it’s time to launch a new Malayalam comedy TV show called Comedy Masala. The main participants of the comedy show are Nelson, Binu Adimaaly, and Ullas Panthalam. This show will focus on comedy skits, acts, miming and stand-up comedy performers.

The director the show says there is definitely rid-tickling comedy assurance from this show. Also it will be having some live performance acts which is the highlights of the comedy show, Comedy Masala. Aswathi is the anchor of this show. Comedy Masala is inspired by Comedy Stars which is a long running comedy show in Malayalam. Also the recent trend of having small-screen actors as the participants is making the show more reachable and famous. Super Jodi, Tamaar Padaar  and Urvashi Theatres are among the top comedy shows in Malayalam. Comedy Masala will soon take the place in the top.

Nelson, Binu Adimaaly and Ullas Panthalam are some of the performers which were taken from other high rated comedy serials like Comedy Stars Season One and Tamaar Padaar. So Comedy Masala will have known faces and so get ready for a comedy ride soon. The director of the show says this show will be little unique from other comedy show as it has high live performance and more guest appearances from other small-screen serial actors and film promotions and you will get high on comedy for sure. For more serial and TV shows follow us on GarageMeter.

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