Avalum Naanum Serial Review | Vijay TV





Avalum Naanum is the yet another serial which is ready to get release date in 2018 for Vijay TV audiences. The serial name reveals that it is related more of a love story. There are very less serials which comes with love and affections. Mostly all serials portrait fights, vengeance, revenge, horror, and family oriented in south serials. So this serial will be one of its kind that focuses on triangle love story.

Star Vijay being an subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. It never fails to provide a wide range of TV shows and serials. And keeps up its TRP on the top of the list every time. For this year 2018 Vijay TV is aimed for up to 10-15 different shows in the line. Avalum Naanum will be on the lop of the list which will get promo release on first quarter of the year. Avalum Naanum will contain an high rated actors from movie industry which will meet your expectations. This is expected to have both rural and urban touch. So will satisfy the both the audiences who like both rural and urban locations.

Avalum Naanum is the second new serial which will release after Kalyanamam Kalyanam. GarageMeter will get you the latest updates on Avalum Naanum on the upcoming posts. Follow up GarageMeter to find the next serials that are up in the list of Vijay TV.

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