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Arundathi is a trendy name after Mouna Ragam. After Arundathi movie the name is very much popular and we are seeing so many serials were named after it. Raj TV is on 23 years running now and it is famous for serials like Mann Vasanai which is running successfully for more than 1600+ episodes and other serials like Ganga Yamunaa, Poovizhi Vasalile, Indra and Koppiyam. As most of serials are dubbing serials from famous Colors TV. But this the a new serial Arundathi is going to launch soon.

Arundathi is an mystical-thriller series and it is expected to have many interesting things. By looking at the promo the story is like part of Harry Potter plot. That is the the protagonist the Sanghavi is able to talk to snakes and she has a power to treat snakebite victims. As her marriage life turns to be bad as the husband is killed by local goons and she turns to be widow. But the parents try to arrange for a re-marriage but later comes to know the truth of Sanghavi that she is an avatar form of goddess Arundathi. This makes her parents realize that she cannot live an normal life and she is born to protect the sacred book and temple of goddess Arundathi. Arundathi is going to on-air from October in Raj TV.

In the name of Arundathi there are various serial in Telugu, Malayalam but all has a different story line. But this Tamil Arundathi new Tamil serial is an interesting topic which is filled with mystical-thriller. Raj TV has yet another serial named Kaakha Kaakha after its success. Arundathi is yet another hit for Raj TV. Waiting to see Arundathi in Raj TV from October 8th. Arundathi is telecast from Monday to Saturday peek time 8.00 PM. As this is Mega-Serial it is expected to run for months but this time its not going to be boring one but filled with twist and turns, graphics, secrets of god and snake temples, love and etc. Thumbs up for the team Arundathi and wishing a great success.

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