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Malayalam TV had many serials which portrayed different dimensions of motherhood. Now, a new serial is all set to entertain the telly audience with a different storyline. ‘Ammayariyathe‘, the new serial starring Keerthi Gopinath and Sreethu Krishnan in the lead,s will hit the screens from Monday (22 June). The story portrays the life of a daughter (Alina Peter) who goes in search of her mother Neeraja Mahadevan. Interestingly, actress Asha Sharath will be seen playing a cameo in the show. The Kumkumapoovu actress will be introducing the lead characters in the initial episodes.

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Actress Keerthi Gopinath who is playing Neeraja in the show is one of the familiar faces for Malayali audience. ‘Ammayariyathe‘ will mark the TV debut of the ‘Junior Mandrek‘ movie actress. On the other hand, the show is also the Malayalam TV debut of popular Tamil actress Sreethu Krishnan. The actress holds a huge fan following in Tamil for her show ‘Ayudha Ezhuthu‘. Boban Alumoodan, T S Raju, Anand, Parvathy include the cast of the upcoming show. Notably, the show is written and directed by the hitmakers of ‘Kumkumapoovu‘ Pradeep Panicker and Praveen Kadakkavur. The show is produced by actor Anoop Thomas and Faisal K.

Ammayariyathe new Malayalam serial, on AsiaNet. A kid who is in search of her mother. Asha Sharath for initial episodes, Keerthi Gopinath playing mother role, Tamil actress Sreethu Krishnan playing a daughter role. Visuals are amazing using the new born baby in moving trains and roads are well pictorized. Ammayariyathe Malayalam serial starts June 22nd evening prime time 7.30 PM. This Malayalam serial is also from the director of Kumkumapoovu Malayalam serial. The Ammayariyathe serial is produced by actor Anoop Thomas and Faisal K.

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