Rendu Rella Aaru New Telugu Serial Review | Bhanu Sri

Bhanu Sri who came in Big Boss Telugu season 2. As we all know the participants of the Big Boss have an wonderful opportunity in Film and Television Industry. So Bhanu Sri is not an exception. Yes, Bhanu Sri now itself got the opportunity to play a female lead role in the new Romantic-Comedy serial called Rendu Rella Aaru. This Rendu Rella Aaru is directed by Vasu Inturi also called as Sarvam of Amurthan fame. This serial was first named as Oohalu Gusgusalade. Due to many reasons the serial was renamed to Rendu Rella Aaru.

Bhanu Sri is not a new face, but much familiar in Vani Rani serial and dance reality show like Dhee Jodi and various other game shows like Gold Rush and Tollywood Squares. So Bhanu Sri as protagonist of this serial will be apt. We have seen Bhanu Sri in some films too. Also we have seen her birthday celebrations in Telugu Big Boss 2 recently. Rendu Rella Aaru is a Romantic-Comedy serial which doesn’t contain the usual family drama and makes you cry. This serial will have some Rib-Tickling comedy and romance which will attract youth audiences and much awaited.

The serial was shoot in various places and interesting places. The promo of the serial looks the serial is shooted in old 80-90’s. This Rendu Rella Aaru is to launch on November 12th on Gemini TV. The timing of the Rendu Rella Aaru is 7.00 PM on Weekdays. So waiting to watch Rendu Rella Aaru. Thumbs up for the team Rendu Rella Aaru.

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Immini Balyoru Malayalam Reality Show Review | Amrita TV

Yet another children show in Malayalam. Yes its Immini Balyoru reality show for Children to perform dance, skit and singing all in one platform. It is set to launch in Amrita TV. The Judges of the show are three well known Malayalam celebrities namely Parasparam, Actor Vivek Gopan and the viral social media celebrity Sowbhagya Venkitesh and well known Malayalam figure Malavika Nair is set to be judges of the Immini Balyoru Malayalam Reality Show. The director of the show says this Immini Balyoru Malayalam Reality Show will have rib-tickling comedies from Children and will be a great fun.

Also it is seen that children contestants are selected from various cities in kerala. And Sowbhagya daughter is also to perform and participate in this show. Sowbhagya daughter name is Thara Kalyan and this is going to be fun. The main events of this show is Dancing, Mono-acting, Signing and perform movie skits and other various fun activities are going to be performed by the Children. Immini Balyoru is going to become one of the favorite TV show in Malayalam.

The Promo and design seems to be awesome and the promo is impressive the all the three judges are giving an funny intro for the Immini Balyoru Malayalam Reality Show. Also it looks the show will have awesome sets and audiences being the parents of the show will give great confidence for the children. Thumbs up for the Immini Balyoru Malayalam Reality Show. And after a long time we are seeing the Malavika Nair in TV shows. Which gives great response from audience and will attract many people. Lets wait and watch in Amrita TV for the Immini Balyoru Malayalam Reality Show. This show timing is going to be evening peek time. So don’t forget to watch Immini Balyoru Malayalam Reality Show.

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Daily Tamil Calendar 2018 November 29 & 30 | Rasi Palan

Daily Tamil Calendar 2018 November 29


ஸப்தமி 39.40 (மா.10.7) ஆயில்யம் 10.17 (கா.10.22) தியாஜ் 38.15 சித்த 10.17 மேல் அமிர்த யோகம்.

சுவாமிமலை ஸ்ரீமுருகப் பெருமான் தங்கக்கவசம் அணிந்து வைரவேல் தரிசனம்.

ந.நே.கா. 10.45-11.45 • மா. ———- ராகு. 1.30-3.00 • எம, 6-7.30

சூ. உதயம் 6.15 சூலம் :தெற்கு

லக் : விருச்சிக 3.05 பரிகாரம் : தைலம்

சந்: திருவோணம் திதி : ஸப்தமி


Sapthami 39.40 (M 10.7) Aailyam 10.17 (M 10.22) Thiyaj 38.15 Siddha 10.17 Amrita Yogam.

Swamimalai Sree Murugan Peruman Thangka-kavasam wearing Vairavel darshanam.

Good Time Morning 10.45-11.45 Evening ———- Ragu. 1.30-3.00 Emagandam 6-7.30

SunRise 6.15 Sulam: South

Luck: Scorpio 3.05 Parigaram: Thilam

Sun: Thiruvonam Thithi: Saptami

Daily Tamil Calendar 2018 November 30


அஷ்டமி 34.10(மா.7.55) மகம் 6.10 (கா.8.43) தியாஜ் 24.56 மரண 6.10 மேல் சித்த யோகம்.

வாஞ்சியம் இத்தலத்தில் ஸ்ரீசிவபெருமான் கடை ஞாயிறு உற்ஸவம்.

ந.நே.கா. 9.15-10.15 – மா. 3.00-4.00 ராகு. 10.30-12 : எம. 3-4:30

சூ.உதயம் 6.15 சூலம் :மேற்கு

லக் : விருச்சிக 2.54 பரிகாரம் : வெல்லம்

சந் : அவிட்டம் திதி : அஷ்ட மி

Ashtami 34.10 (7.55) Magam 6.10 (M 8.43) Thiyaj 24.56 Marana 6.10 Mel Siddha Yogam.

This Sunday is the festival of Shiva.

Good Time Morning 9.15-10.15 Evening 3.00-4.00 Ragu. 10.30-12 Emagandam 3-4.30

SunRise 6.15 Sulam: West

Luck: Scorpio 2.54 Parigaram: Sugar

Sun: Aavitam Thithi: Astami

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